Type of Gift Definition Benefits
Bequest Gift made by including the Carnegie Institution in your will Defer gift until after your lifetime; exempt from estate taxes
Charitable Remainder Trust Trust that provides income for life to donor or designee, with the remainder to the Carnegie Institution Immediate income tax deduction; no capital gains tax liability; possible estate tax savings
Charitable Lead Trust Trust that removes assets from your estate and transfers them to beneficiaries at the end of the trust term; Carnegie Institution receives annual distribution from trust Income tax deduction for annual payments to the Carnegie Institution; reduction in taxable estate
Gift of Retirement Assets Gift made by naming Carnegie Institution as a beneficiary of your retirement plan after your lifetime Avoids income tax on your retirement plan, which tends to be more heavily taxed than other assets
Gift of Life Insurance Gift made by designating the Carnegie Institution as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy Allows for substantial gift to the Carnegie Institution without a large cash outlay