Devaki Bhaya

Palo Alto, CA—Carnegie’s Devaki Bhaya has been named a Fellow of the California Academy of Sciences. She is one of 14 new members selected as “partners and collaborators in the pursuit of the Academy mission to explore, explain, and sustain life.”

At Carnegie’s Department of Plant Biology Bhaya studies how photosynthetic microorganisms are affected by environmental stressors such as light, low nutrient availability, and viruses. Her research on speciation in the microbial mats of Yellowstone National Park is providing insights into how microbial populations communicate, evolve, and share resources. These findings offered a first glimpse into the astonishing complexity and unexplored potential of microbial communities.

She is also currently serving as a Program Director at the National Science Foundation with a focus on systems and synthetic biology.

“Devaki is the perfect choice for such a recognition,” said Plant Biology Director Zhiyong Wang. “She tackles big, exciting questions in her research and is an excellent communicator and advocate for science in the world at large.”

The new Fellows were nominated by their colleagues and selected by the Academy’s board as individuals who have “made notable contributions to science or science education and communication.” They will be inducted on October 9.

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