Here at Carnegie, we are so excited about the scope of our science, which ranges from the atomic structures discovered by our high-pressure physicists in diamond anvil cells, to the cellular signaling pathways elucidated by our plant and developmental biologists, to the Earth systems studied by our geochemists and global ecologists, to the Solar System history revealed by our planetary scientists, and the stellar phenomena investigated by our astronomers.

So we made this video to help share our enthusiasm for all that Carnegie’s discovery science can offer the world.

We wanted to highlight Carnegie’s historic contributions to humanity’s wealth of knowledge by noting luminaries from our past such as Edwin Hubble and Barbara McClintock. But even more than that, we wanted to celebrate the tremendous work our scientists are doing every day—in their labs, at our telescopes, out in the field, and using our advanced computing capabilities. Looking toward the future, we believe all of these cutting-edge efforts will leave a lasting imprint on the scientific community and the world.

So take a look and learn about why we think our scientists—who have the freedom to investigate their own bold ideas about space, earth, and life—are redefining the pursuit of what’s possible.