Launching the next generation Carnegie Airborne Observatory

Thursday, June 2, 2011 —Greg Asner and his team unveiled the latest version of the Carnegie Airborne Observatory (CAO-II), an aircraft that combines laser and spectrometer remote sensing technologies, along with high-tech inertial motion sensors to track the aircraft’s position and orientation to exacting tolerances. The CAO has provided high-resolution mapping of the 3-dimensional structure of vegetation and the terrain below. The new CAO-II showcases the next generation Airborne Taxonomic Mapping System (AToMS) that will provide higher resolution laser and spectroscopic information extending from the visible through the shortwave-infrared region of the spectrum. The dramatic increase in measurement capability provided by AToMS will provide a major leap forward for CAO science in support of Earth science and exploration, biological conservation, and resource policy development. more »

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Climate Change